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Hi everyone! Welcome to Olde Worlde Remedies, formerly known as Tartan Treasures and the home of the one and only My Little Fibro Helper product line!

Why Olde Worlde Remedies? Glad ye asked! Our products are all-natural and are created from the finest blends of essential oils (including CBD oil, which is also known as Hemp Seed oil), herbs and minerals. These ingredients are chosen for their efficacy (ability to produce the desired or intended result). Simply put, we take the best that nature provides and create the very best remedies. There is NO other company with products like these that offers people the ability to not only feel better with natural remedies, but also create a stream of income to support their families.


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Having been in direct sales for 27 years and blogging since 2013, I have found most planners on the market cover your daily schedule well. But there has been a distinct lack of planners for either direct sales OR blogging. Both have never been covered in one planner… until now.

I initially created this planner for my personal use. It worked so well at fulfilling my needs that I decided to make it available to my fellow direct sales and blogging friends.

The downloadable planner has one copy for each type of page. You can print off just the pages that meet your needs AND you can print off as many copies needed of the pages that you DO use. Why waste your ink on pages that you won’t use?

I actually created separate sections in my personal copy for each of my direct sales businesses. At a glance, I see what parties I have coming up for each, when I need to mail out hostess packets, when to set up the parties, all my hosts’, team members’, and customers’ contact information, my customers’ orders, and my expenses!!!

The expense pages are truly something that has never been done to this extent anywhere else! They are divided into the same categories that the IRS Schedule C is!

How many times have you had someone say “touch base with me on such-and-such a date” about booking a party, placing an order or joining your team? Have you jotted her name down and then lost the paper you had it on? I have a page for that! Keep track of all the points of contact with your person and the results! No more guesswork or racking your brain!

Just imagine… being able to do all this in ONE place! Keep track of:

  • your appointments
  • your expenses
  • your inventory
  • your supplies
  • your customers
  • your team and possible recruits
  • your drawings, contests and giveaways
  • your product swaps
  • your orders
  • your parties
  • your sales goals
  • your sites
  • your blog posts and goals
  • your blog post ideas
  • your social media sites and followers
  • your income
  • your product reviews
  • your blog ad space sales
  • NEW ADDITION – your vendor events

Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what you would change, what you would like to add. I am open to feedback. My goal is to make this planner as intuitive as possible! Leave me a comment here on this page or shoot me an email.
Make this the best year ever!

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a downloadable file, there are no refunds available on this item.

If you have any difficulty downloading the file, please contact us at Please be sure to include your email address and order information in the email.


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